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7 top tips to win more carwow auctions
7 top tips to win more carwow auctions

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Written by Michael Arwas
Updated over a week ago

Our daily online auctions give you access to 1000’s of high quality cars and now vans every single week. Here’s 7 top tips to help you win more of them.

💪 Put your best bid forward first

Our sealed bid auctions prevent tactical bidding, creating a level playing field for everyone, ensuring an efficient purchase process for you.

💷 Don't let £50 stop you

Remember, you’ll only ever pay a maximum of £50 more than the next highest bidder up to your maximum bid.

🚗 Use the filters to simplify

Find the vehicles that meet your requirements faster by setting search filters unique to you. This way, you’ll only ever see the stock mix you want.

🎯 Identify your targets early

We send you an email at 5pm every day containing the following days auction stock. Use that to identify the vehicles you’re most interested in.

⏰ Check-in daily

A key factor in getting scale from our platform is to login daily. There are c.400 vehicles listed each day and we even operate on Saturday’s where competition tends to be slightly lower.

🥈 Take 2nd chances

Any unsold vehicles are re-listed for one more day for open offer bids. Our sales team will help you to close the deal with these sellers.

🔑 Communication is key

Rapid and clear communication with a seller after purchase drives seller confidence and reduces cancellations.

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