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How do I navigate through the Listings page?
How do I navigate through the Listings page?
Written by James Dewhirst
Updated over a week ago

Here’s what you’ll find in:

  • Available Stock - View and bid on all active listings available in ‘auction’ or ‘buy now’. Images and relevant information for each vehicle will be displayed on an individual card.

  • Recommended - Place enough bids to qualify for our free recommendation service. This makes it easier to find the listings that are more relevant to you. We base this on the vehicles you’ve previously bid on, so the more you bid, then the better our recommendations will be.

  • Starred - Make vehicles easier to find by clicking on the star icon visible on the vehicle's card or within its listings to transfer those of interest to your ‘Starred List’, enabling you to place a bid more quickly when the time comes..

  • Bids+Offer - All bids placed on an active listing during an auction can be viewed here, where you can keep track on offers you’ve placed or lost.

  • Won - Find all the vehicles you’ve agreed to buy here.

    • In ‘Agreed’, you’ll be able to view all the vehicles pre-collection that you’ve won at auction, had a bid accepted for by the seller or bought through ‘Buy Now’.

    • In ‘Complete’, you can keep track of any collected vehicle you’ve agreed to buy.

    • In ‘Cancelled’, any sale cancelled by you or the seller after it’s been agreed, no matter the reason, can be found here.

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