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How does the bidding system work?
How does the bidding system work?
Written by James Dewhirst
Updated over a week ago

We operate a sealed bidding system to provide transparency and a level playing field.

Here’s how it works:

  • A daily stock list is sent out at 5pm the night before an auction starts.

  • You can place your bids on that stock from 5pm to save time the next day.

  • Place a maximum bid.

  • Bids must meet or exceed the reserve price for a vehicle to sell during the auction.

  • Simply place your bids and once the reserve price is met, we’ll automatically bid on your behalf in increments of £50 until we reach your maximum bid.

  • Our daily auctions close at 3.30pm.

  • If the reserve is met with your highest bid, then you’ve won the auction. If you’ve won the listing, you’ll see this at the end of the auction (e.g. 3.30pm Mon - Sat).

  • If the reserve isn’t met, all max bids are presented to the seller who has the option to accept the highest bid. We’ll contact these sellers to help negotiate a sale on your behalf.

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