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Why do I need to place a maximum bid?
Why do I need to place a maximum bid?
Written by James Dewhirst
Updated over a week ago

When you place your max bid, this is the most you’ll pay if you win when the auction closes. Here's all you need to know about placing a maximum bid:

  • Like most physical auctions, our automated bidding works in increments of £50. If another buyer places a max bid that is less than your max bid, you'll pay the lower buyer’s max bid value + a £50 increment.

  • If both max bids are the same value, then the winner will be declared as the buyer who placed their max bid first. Please note that adjusting your max bid resets this clock.

  • If you’re the only bid placed on the listing when the auction closes, then all you’ll need to pay is the reserve price.

  • Should you place a max bid that is less than the reserve price, the £50 increments don’t apply.

  • All max bids are presented to the seller who has the option to accept the highest bid if the reserve isn’t met.

  • You can adjust your max bid and offers in the Carwow site during the sale of a listing. Should you wish to withdraw a max bid entirely from the listing, please contact a member of the Carwow team prior to the auction concluding.

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