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What’s the best way to generate more leads?
What’s the best way to generate more leads?
Written by James Dewhirst
Updated over a week ago

Here on Carwow, we reward high conversion rates and excellent customer engagement. The more customers you convert and sales you report on time, the more leads you'll receive in order to promote your service.

Every user receives at least 5 offers.

The closest dealer will always quote first and then the rest are made up from the dealerships who are using our system the best.

This is decided by an algorithm which ranks dealers based on their performance, which is based on factors including:

  • Location

  • Message responsiveness

  • Message helpfulness rating

  • Call handling

  • Reviews

  • Offer-to-sale conversion

  • Number of orders reported on time

There's no way for you to pay for more visibility, the only way is to offer great customer service and convert Carwow users into sales as best you can.

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