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What can I find on the Carwow dashboard?
What can I find on the Carwow dashboard?
Written by James Dewhirst
Updated over a week ago

Here’s an easy guide on how to find and access what you need on Carwow.


Here you’ll find a brief overview of your:

  • Outstanding tasks

  • Useful reminders

  • Number of live stock cars

  • Number of orders reported monthly

You can also view your latest performance reports and customer reviews.


You can select the ‘Enquiries Tab’ to action outstanding tasks, set reminders, view call statistics and highlight any promising leads with our ‘Starred’ function.

You can also track and engage with consumer messages in ‘All Enquiries’.


You can use this tool to filter enquiries by:

  • Date received

  • Configuration

  • Distance from dealership


Report, view and track orders by ‘Type’ (e.g. Dealer Reported or Salesmatching) and by ‘Month’.

Orders reported on time will be highlighted in green, whilst any orders reported outside of 48 hours will be marked in red.

Remember, any orders reported late will affect your orders reported on time percentage and reduce your visibility on the platform.


View your current prices, request adjustments and see which car models are currently popular with customers.

Stock Cars

Refresh your stock by uploading a completed stock list template via ‘Attach File’.

You can also find and track the models which you’re currently promoting as in stock.


Here you can request performance reports for the dealerships you want to include in ‘Weekly Success Report’.

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