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How should I price a vehicle displayed on Carwow?
How should I price a vehicle displayed on Carwow?
Written by James Dewhirst
Updated over a week ago

To power the price shown to customers on Carwow and in order to upload your stock accurately, whether you want to offer a saving or not, you can choose from the three following ‘Pricing Requirement’ options:

Already have an offer price for cars?

Simply send the price including VAT etc. as the offer we can advertise to customers.

Only have an RRP for unregistered cars?

Send that over and we can apply the Carwow factory discount to those cars as an offer price.

Don’t have any price for unregistered cars or for calculating the RRP?

Not to worry. We can take three approaches in this instance:

  • Build a price using the CAP derivative ID + CAP option IDs.

  • Offer a base price by using CAP derivative ID and a column that indicates “options RRP = 0”.

  • Use the total RRP (supplied in feed) - base price of derivative (from the cap ID) to get the base vs options vs colour RRP.

Therefore, we need one of the following:

  • Derivative and option IDs

  • Derivative ID and indication that it’s a ‘standard build’ (i.e. just use the base price).

  • Derivative ID and total RRP including options.

We can then create an RRP and apply the carwow discount to generate an offer price.

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