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What are Value Add Offers (VAOs)?
What are Value Add Offers (VAOs)?
Written by James Dewhirst
Updated over a week ago

It’s not always about being the cheapest.

For special events, you can increase interest from consumers seeking extra benefits by advertising additional offers alongside your discounts. Surfacing ‘Value Add Offers’ (VAOs) gives you the opportunity to improve your offering without having to give a huge discount and provides an incentive other than monetary.

VAOs can be displayed by dealerships in a similar way to our STDD function. Find out what VAOs you can choose from below:


Description/use case

Service offer available

A specific service plan


Fuel offer

Any amount of fuel as an offer

Charging offer available

Home charging offer - can be installation or wall charger

GAP insurance offer

Offer on GAP insurance

Extended warranty offer

Extended warranty offer

Summer tyres offer

Summer tyres pack offer available

Winter pack offer

Winter pack offer available

Accessories offer

Floor mats, tyre inflation kit, phone holder etc. offers available

We recommend that you reference these VAOs in your ‘Welcome Message’, where you can highlight more details about your specific offer at the earliest stage. Just remember to update this once an offer is done.

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