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What is 'Seller led pricing'?
What is 'Seller led pricing'?
Written by Gavin White
Updated over a week ago

Don’t be alarmed at this change to listing prices. Simply bid what you think it’s worth – even if it’s below the asking price.

We’ve changed the way some auction listings are priced. We just need you to bid what you think these listings are worth – we’ll handle the rest.

Why we’re making this change

It’s no secret that some sellers are overvaluing their cars right now. We’ve seen sellers struggle to understand why their vehicle is worth less now than it was just a few weeks ago, but that doesn’t change the fact you’ve got targets to hit and need a reliable flow of stock to do it.

So, here’s what we’re doing…

  • Sellers will continue to go through our normal pre-qualification process, but we will allow some to set an asking price that is above our normal parameters.

  • These listings will be clearly flagged to you with a banner stating 'Seller led price' (see exactly how in the screenshot below).

  • The asking price might be higher than you’d expect, but it means you’ll get access to a wider range of stock from high intent sellers that might otherwise sit on a seller’s driveway for weeks.

Here’s what we’re asking you to do…

Bid what you think they're worth, even if that’s below the asking price. We will take it from there.

What this means is…

  1. Our teams can then liaise with the seller to help negotiate a realistic sale.

  2. Bidding what you think the vehicle is actually worth will help bring the sellers expectations in line with the market. Without your bids, we can’t have that conversation – and it’s easier for us to do that with multiple bids around a similar value.

  3. You’ll get incremental stock that you otherwise would have missed out on.

As ever, we thank you for your support in helping more vehicles change hands.

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