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Why does excellent lead handling matter?
Why does excellent lead handling matter?
Written by James Dewhirst
Updated over a week ago

We buy cars because of what they enable us to do and how they make us feel.

Here’s a brief sample of the emotions we experience and reasons why we need a car:


  • Excited

  • Happy

  • Anxious

  • Cautious

  • Frustrated

  • Confused


  • Freedom

  • Work events

  • Recreational trips

  • Weekly shop

  • Ease of access

  • School run

Few experiences compare to changing your car. It’s an emotional time, where excitement and curiosity can clash with anxiety and uncertainty. What should inspire a simple, convenient, and thrilling experience can swiftly sour due to the sheer scale or complexity of the car-changing process.

Effective online lead handling offers valuable insights which can help you convert more leads into sales so take advantage of new and exciting opportunities. Whilst changing a car remains a landmark moment in our lives, how we engage with the process has evolved dramatically in recent years. In recent years, we’ve seen a huge shift to online platforms as customers try to accommodate the demands of their busy lives.

When changing cars, consumers want:

  • To get the right car for their needs.

  • To feel confident they're getting a fair price.

  • To experience a convenient and trustworthy process.

Remember that consumers expect a high standard of professionalism, engagement and support during all online interactions. Proactive lead handling offers a convenient and productive service which helps establish a mutually rewarding rapport with the consumer. At its worst, poor lead handling can damage trust, turn customers away and fuel negative perceptions.

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