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How should I deal with calls?
How should I deal with calls?
Written by James Dewhirst
Updated over a week ago

Make sure all lead calls are answered and that missed contact opportunities are followed up as you’re 75% more likely to be successful. Carwow monitors ‘call success rate’, where we consider calls longer than 60 seconds as ‘successful’.

As a benchmark, a minimum of 80% call success rate is expected.

Remember, users won't always submit real names as they don’t want to share personal information. If a Carwow user calls it’s best to ask the customer for their Offer ID and search for that.

Go to the ‘Search’ tab and then enter the ID into the search box and press the ‘Jump to offer’ button. If they’ve ordered the car from you already and you know their postcode or email, you can search by that also.

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